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Family Protection

When you wish to protect your family should the worst happen, we can help. 

Family protection insurance protects against the financial impact of losing a family member and their income. As you can never truly see around the corner, family protection offers peace of mind should something unexpected happen. At Crane Williams, your financial wellbeing is at the heart of our approach. We will advise you on the types of family protection cover available and which would best suit your family. 

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Preparing for any event 

Your ability to earn an income is an important asset. We can advise you on the options for supporting your family if this ability is ever compromised. 

Life insurance

Life insurance pays out in the event of death of the main breadwinner of your family. If their income is lost, life insurance can cover mortgage or rent, school fees, utility bills and holidays. It’s essential if there are dependents in your family that would struggle with the loss of income.

Critical illness cover

During a period of serious illness and being unable to work, critical illness cover offers financial support that can pay for the mortgage or rent and other bills. Typically, critical illness plans cover severe diseases, including heart attack, stroke and cancer.

Income protection

This cover replaces your income in any absence from work as the result of temporary sickness or accident not covered by a critical illness plan. It pays out a monthly sum that can support your family in the event of a sudden loss of income.

In order for us to help develop a financial plan, you need clarity over your goals, your objectives, your motivations.

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