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Ethical investing is about selecting where you invest your money based on your moral or ethical beliefs.

Many people are no longer only interested in getting the best returns, they also want their money to be used in a way that helps society and the planet.  At Crane Williams, we can help you explore ethical investment opportunities and how these might fit with your financial goals and objectives. By ensuring that investment and pension funds are well diversified, our expert advisers can help protect long-term performance.   

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What is ESG 

ESG stands for the environmental, social and governance considerations associated with investing  - three key areas that are scrutinised when assessing potential investment funds. 


Environmental refers to the impact a business might have on the environment. It encompasses not only the direct operations of the business, but also its entire supply chain.


The social element refers to the impact that a business might have on people or society as a whole. This includes human rights, employment practices, health, welfare and diversity.


Governance refers to business management practices. Companies need to have policies in place for all aspects of their business conduct. Transparency and disclosure are key.

Ethical investing is a way to grow your savings and pension without compromising on your values.

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