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Retirement planning

Approaching retirement and looking to shore up your finances? We can help.

Regardless of how long there is left until you retire, our expert financial planners will work with you to understand where your financial situation is now and where it needs to be by your retirement date. From self-invested personal pensions to utilising your commercial property, there’s a range of options to consider to maximise your retirement fund. 

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Getting your finances in order

As you approach retirement, we will consider your options for financial security after work – from simple plans of monthly payments to more ambitious options. 

Pension consolidation

Pension consolidation, or pension transfer, means combining all or some of your pension pots into one. While not all pension types are eligible, most can be transferred. Having everything in one place means fewer statements to keep track of and reductions in management charges. We can help you with complex decisions around whether this is the right thing for you.

Approaching retirement

When you are close to retirement, we will advise you on options for your retirement income. We can take a simple approach or, if you prefer, present you with more ambitious plan of investments. You may want to use a SIPP to benefit from flexibility and a range of investment opportunities. If you wish to make a large lump sum payment into your pension, you can contribute up to the maximum of your income and still receive all the associated tax benefits. If you own a business, you can pay in £40k from your profit and save 20% on your corporation tax.

Managing retirement income

How we manage your retirement income for the best possible return will be influenced by your attitude to risk and loss. This will guide how we invest and in what products, whether that’s investing money from your bank account that isn’t benefitting from interest rates, or investing an inheritance for long-term growth.

In order for us to help develop a financial plan, you need clarity over your goals, your objectives, your motivations.

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